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Getting you Involved 🤝

All work that we carry out in the organization has the modality of volunteering and at present we have 3  types of volunteers:



Mission Volunteer 👩‍🚀   The one who travels to the field with the professional teams.  


National Volunteer 🇨🇱  Those who collaborate in the activities of the organization from Chile.  

Volunteer 2.0 👨‍💻  It consists of your active commitment and collaboration in disseminating the publications and campaigns that we launch periodically through social networks.


If you want to be part of us, leave us your information, tell us why you are interested in Patagonia Compassion and what kind of volunteer you would like to be. Once you have entered your data, we will contact you and you will be part of our great team!

Let's make a change

Here you will find some ways to collaborate


Donaciones Nacionales (Chile)

Opción 2: Transferencias

- Banco: Santander

- Tipo: Cuenta Corriente
- Nombre: ONG Patagonia Compassion
- Número Cuenta: 67534000
- RUT: 65061886-6
- Email:

Opción 3: Aporte Mensual Automático

Donaciones Internacionales

Nota Importante: todas las transacciones internacionales deben ser ingresadas en la moneda local del país.

Important Note: all international transactions must be entered in the local currency of the country.

Opción 1: Tarjetas Bancarias
Opción 2: Cuenta PayPal

Prontamente habilitaremos esta opción.

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